Carman Scan VG Full

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CARMAN SCAN VG tool realizes all funtions of Carman scan light
Large color touch screen
more function such as
4 channel oscilloscope,
multimeter,second ignition waveform analysis,ect.

This CARMAN SCAN VG includes the necessary measuring functions and serves as a guideline for car maintenance to help staff understand the ever-changing technologies in a short period of time. It also has a recording function allowing recording of abnormal signals, which can then be replayed for analysis.

CARMAN SCAN VG is a complete integrated vehicle information measuring system which delivers the car maintenance information of domestic vehicles in real time, and which has the intelligent self-diagnosis and recording function, satisfying the requirements of the information age.

The carman scan vg is the full version, To get part of this auto diagnostic equipment, customers can choose only korea,asia,europe,USA and australia version.

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